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…Over the last 12 months I have found myself in that dark place where medicine can’t offer an answer or a solution. The pain was excruciating and debilitating, the anguish and agony worsened by not knowing when, how or if things would get better. In the span of two months I was in and out of Emergency Services and my GP’s surgery almost weekly, I was admitted to hospital overnight on various occasions… and without a definitive diagnosis. At times I was given conflicting advice and medication which made matters worse. Then came the waiting for lots of tests: endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood test … and so on. Eventually, I managed to see a specialist, privately and for the first time I was given a term, a diagnosis, “IBS”.

  It was this physician that explained to me the number and essence of studies demonstrating the benefits and value of hypnosis in the treatment of IBS. I then contacted Janet Tomlin because I had read with interest some of the articles she’d written in the newsletter of the IBS network. I had an initial free consultation so that she could explain how she worked and I relayed my circumstances and expectations. 

  From the start I loved my sessions with Janet; it was like an oasis that bit by bit ebbed my pain, anxiety and discomfort away. The sessions were well over the standard hour and what helped was the combination of focusing on  education about the health and workings of the gut and the interaction of the nervous system and body with a good healthy gut. And then of course the hypnosis therapy targeted specifically for my symptoms and progress through the treatment period. Janet’s voice is truly hypnotic and soothing, even today months after my treatment finished I use some of her recordings to help me relax and as a remedy to my insomnia which I have suffered with for years.

  I would recommend anybody suffering with IBS and stress and anxiety to embrace hypnotherapy as a viable and transformative treatment.

RR, 6 sessions ending Dec 2021

Having suffered for many years with constipation IBS, I noticed a distinct improvement in my symptoms during my treatment. Janet is both know​ledgeable and approachable and has a genuine desire to help. As someone who also suffers with anxiety, I found the sessions to be a great opportunity to relax and take some time out just for me. 

I cannot thank Janet enough for her help.

DH, 6 sessions between August and November 2020

         "Janet has really helped me with my IBS struggles; our sessions allowed me to build my confidence back up and improve my relationship with food. This has allowed me to become more social and active, to travel again and overall feel much more confident and happy. 

Janet is very kind, patient and a great listener and she helps explain everything thoroughly. 

I was very sceptical of hypnotherapy at first but I can't recommend it and Janet highly enough!"

MR (aged 22), 6 sessions between February and May 2019 

  Before I started hypnotherapy I had constant anxiety about needing to find a toilet when I was out of the house. Each morning I needed to eat early enough to ensure that I had stopped going to the toilet before I left the house. I needed to wait at least an hour and a half after I had eaten.

  Eating out at lunch time was also becoming an issue; shortly after eating I would need to rush to a toilet, and on the odd occasion this happened after eating an evening meal. Following a near accident whilst out I began to always carry with me extra clothing and items to clean myself.

  This situation was affecting my life and that of my partner. I felt I had lost myself. I was anxious all the time when out of the house and the situation was controlling where I went and what I did.

  I had six sessions with Janet between August and December. My anxiety was immediately reduced and I began to feel much calmer from the start. Janet, explained in an easy to understand way, how the digestive system worked and what was happening to me during episodes of IBS. She taught me techniques to help me relax myself and to help control my symptoms. After 6 sessions I have considerably improved, which is amazing as I have had this problem for over 30 years.

  In the past I've tried amongst others Colofac, Fybogel, the FODMAP diet, Buscopan and Amitriptyline. Hypnosis is the only thing that has worked. It's also given me the ability to feel in control, rather than feel controlled by my symptoms. As a result my anxiety is considerably improved. I now feel confident that I have the ability to control my symptoms and believe that things will continue improving. I can’t thank Janet enough.

JM, December 2018

  I have had 7 hypnotherapy sessions and I feel they have been of benefit to me, to the extent that I am more relaxed and not panicking when my IBS symptoms occur. In the past, I found travelling difficult to cope with. However, I feel I am more in control and can cope much better now. In between my sessions, Janet gave me recordings to listen to and they too have been very helpful towards my improvement. I wholeheartedly recommend Janet, as she soon made me feel comfortable in my sessions and is also a very friendly person.

DS (Feb-July 2018) October 2018

I cannot believe the change in me.

I feel much better in every part of my body and mind.

MM (6 sessions Feb- July 2016) October 2016

  After five sessions of Hypnotherapy for IBS with Janet Tomlin, everything's going pretty well. I would say it's improved substantially.

I've worked out it's nearly 20 years since my IBS started - my bowel just used to seem to stop, with bloating and pain and embarrassing grumbling noises. I've tried an elimination diet, adding and removing dietary fibre (both soluble and insoluble in turn), fybogel, the fodmap diet, and colonic irrigation to name a few.

  However hypnosis is the only thing that has worked long-term to control it. It's also given me the ability to feel in control, rather than controlled, by the situation and I don't get anxious about it anymore.

Thank you Janet.

EB, November 2015

Before I started hypnotherapy, I had anxiety about going to the toilet where ever I was. This was mainly in novel situations, but it stopped me from being myself as I wasn't relaxed and it was controlling where I went and what I did.

After hypnotherapy sessions, my anxiety was immediately reduced and I had a much calmer outlook. Janet taught me multiple techniques to relax me and deal with the problem. After 6 sessions I haven't had any issues since, and now feel more confident in the control I have over my problem.

Thanks for all your help Janet!

LM (aged 19) August 2015

 I was at a point in my life where things were getting out of proportion and causing unnecessary anxiety, and IBS was getting in the way of enjoying the future.

I decided to try hypnotherapy and chose Janet Tomlin because I found that in her earlier career she had spent some time working in the particular area of my health issue. I thought that the combination of hypnotherapy and previous professional knowledge might be a bonus and, for me, this proved to be true, but I know that Janet's empathetic approach would enable her to help anyone. Janet is a very quiet, calm and experienced hypnotherapist who takes time to explore you and your problem and to help in a very positive way.

I am most grateful to her for the process and for giving me the tools to cope in the future. I know I made the right choice.

RG, July 2012

(5 sessions March - June 2012)

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